St-Exupery Suite

To be carried back in time, read SAINT-EXUPERY

and relive the beginnings of “Areopostale” air-mail. Alternatively, rediscover Henri DECOIN’s film whose original screenplay by Joseph Kessel gave the hotel LE GRAND BALCON its name.

In the film and writings, you will encounter the romantic lives of the young pioneer aviators who lived the human adventure during one of the most enthralling time periods of the 20th Century. Underlying the hotel’s modern design is the desire to express these pioneers’ spirit of adventure and passion for new ventures.

As well, the stylized ambiance evokes the dreams, recklessness and poetry which motivated these young men. Flight, travel and open spaces are all reminiscent of the new world of early air travel. Designated a classified section of the building by the French government, Chambre 32 has been reconstructed as SAINT-EXUPERY‘s original hotel accommodation. Unfortunately, very little of the room decoration from the 30’s remained except the discreet placement of the toilet and sink behind a folding screen.

Using the film as a guide, we have been able to recreate the room as it was a half century ago. With the assistance of antique dealer, Toulousaine Isabelle KLEIN, furnishings from that era were located.


Within the hotel, one can experience time travel passing from contemporary to exciting past, simply by opening a door.


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